Magical Roundabout

Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

June 14, 1988

Mark is hanging out over the reef, surrounded by fish as far as you can see. We were headed for the wall again.

This is the way we commonly saw the southern stingray, down in the sand with a fish following along over its back. We never did figure out what was in it for the fish.

Mark and another member of our group head over the edge of the wall, looking down on deep blue.

With a black body, this spotted damselfish could hide in the shadows if it weren't for his bright yellow tail and glowing blue freckles.

At left is a distant view of the wall, showing a lot of structure and growth. At other locations it was like a vertical cliff. Above is an example of the sponge growth on the wall.

At left are two large species of sponge with a distant view of the wall. Above, Mark is hanging on the wall next to a smaller variety of sponge.

This violet anemone was a new sight for us, with its fluid-like branches swaying gently in the currents. Below, Mark watches a grouper at his feet - close-up view of the grouper below.

It was interesting to just hang out on the wall and watch what came by. This small school of silver gray fish came whipping by us.

A fine specimen of a Nassau grouper came in to check us out.

I was always fascinated by the juvenile phase stoplight parrotfish. I can't identify the other fish.

The blue water was filled with bubbles as the group heads back toward the boat. At 85 feet, the dives are just too short, with only 35 minutes total time and about 10 minutes at the maximum depth.

Mark hangs out in the blue water to wait for others to board the boat. He always had plenty of air to spare, while I was always low.

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