Bloody Bay, Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

June 14, 1988

Mark peels off into a crevice in the intricately structured reef. You can see the white sandy bottom about 10 feet below him.

Suspended above a lush green reef which extended from about 30 to 45 feet in depth.

Mark took the camera just to prove that the old man was there, but I didn't let the camera out of my hand very much.

An intimate portrait of a Nassau grouper against the green coral.

This nice gray angelfish was new to us. It may be very common, but we hadn't happened upon it in the Keys.

This green sea anemone was positioned in the top of a brain coral.

This honeycomb cowfish was a new citizen of the reef for us.

In this shot you can see more clearly the little horn-like structures and the face that looks sort of like a cow. I am guessing that this is the origin of its name.

This southern stingray came across the sand with its fish escort. We gave it a wide berth.

This was a nice, relaxing time of exploring this f ine shallow reef.

Mark is clowning around, standing upside down on the bottom of the boat.

Lots of these sleek, almost gaunt-looking yellowtail jacks surrounded us as we were climbing back on the boat.

Garden Eel Wall

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