June 22: Anniversary Celebration on the Weissensee

The day began with a beautiful blue sky as if celebrating with us our 5th wedding anniversary. The area is really beautiful with the lake and the mountains covered with the spruce-like evergreens.

We walked down by the lake early in the morning. The surface was quiet and reflected the houses, hayfields and mountains on the other side.

We drove down the other side of the lake to the end of the road just past the village of Techendorf. We then rented a rowboat and rowed around the Weissensee for about two hours, soaking in the sun and the beautiful scenery.

After lunch I took a short swim in the Weissensee - short because the water was rather cold. Brenda took a cold shower which was even colder than the Weissensee.

The rest of the day we more-or-less lazed around. It was a restful and very pleasant day.

Late in the afternoon we walked up a hill near camp to see the sunset. On the way there we startled a deer which was feeding in the meadow. From the hill we got a terrific view of the lake with the nice church steeple at Techendorf accenting the mountain scene. Back to the west the sun was setting behind a rugged outline of mountains. The sky was completely clear of cloud; the western mountain outline grew redder and redder as we watched. Certainly the nicest sunset that we have witnessed, it was in an almost perfect setting. The nearby spruce trees added their symmetrical silhouettes to the rugged outline of the distant mountains.

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