Frederick A Filby

Creation Revealed

A Study of Genesis Chapter One in the Light of Modern Science
Westwood, NJ, Revell, 1963

After commenting on the totally unmanageable amount of information that would have to be presented to describe the creation scientifically, he makes the following statements:

"What then would be the best method for the Creator to use for (1) making a beginning to his book and (2) establishing that the God of the Bible is also the God of creation - in language simple enough for all men in all time?"

"The answer is .. Genesis 1 .. the most amazing composition in all the world's literature, using only 76 different word-forms fundamental to all mankind, arranged in a wonderful poetical pattern yet free from any highly colored figures of speech. It provides the perfect opening to God's book and establishes all that men really need to know of the facts of creation. No man could have invented it: it is as great a marvel as a plant or a bird. It is God's handiwork, sufficient for Hebrew children or Greek thinkers or Latin Christians; for medieval knights or modern scientists or little children; for cottage dwellers or cattle ranchers or deep sea fishermen; for Laplanders or Ethiopians, East or West, rich or poor, old or young, simple or learned .. sufficient for all! Only God could write such a chapter .. and He did!" p15-16

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