Mableton First Baptist Church


Keith McBroom resigned effective January 29, 1995, to become the Minister of Music at First Baptist Church of Pleasant Grove, Alabama. The church then paid member Rhonda Sumners Brady weekly to lead the music until she was hired officially as part time Church Music Director on May 7, 1995.

On January 18, 1995, Charles Marshall assumed the position of Associate Pastor (unpaid).

The Church Media Library celebrated its 25th Anniversary on May 7, 1985. This date was also the last day of service for its Director, Mrs. Nettie Hembree, who had served as Director for all 25 years. Shirley Griswell replaced Mrs. Hembree as Director, but Mrs. Hembree remained on staff, working on the church history and assisting Mrs. Griswell as needed.

A Men's Breakfast was held on the first Saturday of each month for fellowship.

On June 10, 1995, the church voted to officially name its Music Department as the "Arthur W. Durand Music Department" and its Media Library the "Nettie R. Hembree Media Center" to honor these fine servants of the Lord.

Also in 1995, a Clown Ministry was begun to aid in sharing the gospel with the community.

Jeff Nave was ordained into the ministry by our church on the second Sunday in July as requested by Pastor Buford Easley of Williams Blvd Baptist Church, Kenner, LA. Jeff was to become Associate Pastor for Counseling.

On September 20, 1995, Patricia Warnock was hired as the Church Pianist, replacing Jessica Beasley.

The average monthly receipts for 1995 were $52,963.10. The average monthly Sunday School attendance was 250.

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