Trip Across Florida by Lake Okeechobee

July 30, 2001

We headed east from the Cape Coral area and stopped for a nice breakfast at a small restaurant in La Belle. East of there we traveled through large orange groves and then into sugar cane country.

It was interesting to see the green oranges on the trees.

Clewiston sits right on Lake Okeechobee, so we turned off toward the lake there to see what we could see. Clewiston has a neat park and a fishing marina on a narrow finger of water. It leads out to the large lake, which we could not see.

Clewiston laid claim to being the sweetest town in the country, surrounded as it was by sugar cane fields. It was interesting to see cane fields dotted by palm trees like those below.

A network of canals helped provide water and drainage for the cane fields.

The region south and east of the lake had vast fields of sugarcane. From South Bay the sugarcane was almost an unbroken expanse over to near the turnpike. There were a couple of expanses of sod growing, and areas where the harvested grass sod was stacked in the fields. We couldn't see Lake Okeechobee from the south because of the levee which rings it on the south.


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