GBH 100th Anniversary

40th Anniversary, Class of 1962

October 11, 2002

After months of mailing, emailing, phone calls and preparation, the time for the big 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Georgia Baptist School of Nursing was at hand. We were particularly pleased to have such a good turnout from the Class of 1962. One of our blessings in the process was a visit from Frankie Stuart, all the way from Florence, Oregon. We had not seen each other for many years, but old friendships last!

Friday's earliest arrivals at registration in front of the College of Nursing Building. L-R: Harriette Huff Burel, Gloria Gaskins Ferrell, Bobbie Kroenke Jackson, Mary Beth Holder Pullen, Genie Hancock Coats, Frankie Tompkins Stuart, Brenda Duncan Nave. Photo below courtesy of Genie.

The 1962 September class moved into the College of Nursing Building for a lovely Tea. Arrivals were added to the group photo. Back L-R: Pam Gladden Reynolds, Harriette Huff Burel, Bobbie Kroenke Jackson,Frankie Tompkins Stuart, Genie Hancock Coats, Brenda Duncan Nave, Beverly Williams Good. Front L-R: Mary Beth Holder Pullen, Gloria Gaskins Ferrell.

Julie, Edith and Nelda arrive at the Tea. L-R: Genie Hancock Coats, Julie Guerry Draher, Gloria Gaskins Ferrell, Edith Durden Walker, Nelda Harmon Floyd ,Bobbie Kroenke Jackson, Beverly Williams Good.

Forty years later, still the same Genie - enjoying the tea party.

Another photo outside the College of Nursing Building as we journeyed up the hill to the quad for class reunions and dinner. L-R: Julie Guerry Draher, Brenda Duncan Nave, Edith Durden Walker, Nelda Harmon Floyd , Bobbie Kroenke Jackson, Frankie Tompkins Stuart, Kay Richards Smith, Mary Beth Holder Pullen, Beverly Williams Good, Genie Hancock Coats. (Photo courtesy Genie)

At dinner on the quad, under the big tent. 1962 September Class. Clockwise from left: Anne Newton, Beverly Williams Good, Frankie Tompkins Stuart, Bobbie Kroenke Jackson, Brenda Duncan Nave, Kaye Burnham Smith, Kay Richards Smith, Genie Hancock Coats, Pam Gladden Reynolds, Mary Beth Holder Pullen.

In the buffet line for dinner. 1962 September Class. L-R: Pam Gladden Reynolds, Kay Richards Smith, Mary Beth Holder Pullen, Harriette Huff Burel, Genie Hancock Coats, Beverly Williams Good, Anne Newton, Brenda Duncan Nave .

Group photo of 1962 Class, both June and September.

Members of June 1962 Class.

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