Jeff and Family Visit, October, 2002

Hurricane Lili loomed as a huge storm threatening New Orleans, so Jeff and Darla and the girls headed our way on Wednesday night, October 2, arriving about 3:30 AM. We had all watched the previous storm about two weeks ago, and it only drenched New Orleans in rain. We always watch the storms with mixed feelings, of course not wishing a large storm to come, but enjoying the opportunity for an unscheduled visit when they do come.

Jordan enjoyed "helping" Grandma with the wash.

Ashleigh enjoys her new bear as a companion for watching videos.

The girls enjoyed the fall decoration on the carport.

Ashleigh found a granddaddy longleg spider on their playhouse, and they brought it to show Granddad.

Jordan and Ashleigh enjoyed helping Granddad feed the birds. Ashleigh is settled down with Cindi to watch a video above.

We had a good visit in our kitchen on Sunday morning, October 6, before Jeff and family had to leave.

GBH 100th Anniversary

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