Photos After "Church Street Christmas"

December 7, 2003

Brenda and Rod after the "Church Street Christmas" program at First Baptist Mableton. It's kind of hard to get Rod into a tux, but the choir was in formal dress for this worship celebration.

Neither of us is too keen on photo sessions - Rod would much rather be on the other side of the camera. But it seemed a shame not to shoot a few now that we wer all dressed up.

The first part of the program called for the choir to wear festive sweaters and then to switch to the coats and ties for the last part. Rod rarely looks this bright - he kept telling people he felt like a stoplight.

Rod with his coffee cup among some of Brenda's nice decorations.

Brenda with a Christmas sweater beside her Christmas Tree. She didn't decorate a lot because we were headed for New Orleans for Christmas, but she had some nice touches like this lighted train and decorations on our green plants.

Luncheon for Sunday School class

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