Visit to The International Crane Foundation

August 9, 2003

The Whooping Crane

The most enjoyable exhibit at the International Crane Foundation was the Whooping Crane exhibit. It was beautifully designed and open so that you could see the birds well. This is a gallery of some images of the birds.

Note that in the image above left, there is the mirror image of the mate which is standing on the hill above.

Our visit to the Whooping Crane exhibit included a number of fascinating stories about the cranes from our expert volunteer guide, Jeannie. The story depicted on their poster inside the exhibit was one we had read about in the Readers Digest. It involved the use of an ultralight plane from Pautuxent, Maryland to help train whooping cranes to migrate. Other stories included one of their staff essentially living with a whooping crane for a couple of years to train it and prepare it for a mate. Enormous effort has gone into breeding these birds in captivity and then releasing them into the wild.

Rod returned for one last look at the whooping cranes. They had them in a really beautiful setting.

Visit to International Crane Foundation

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