Around the Fairfield Resort at Tamarack

August , 2003

There was a small pond outside our quarters and we enjoyed the flock of ducks that inhabited it. Particularly enjoyable was watching the two young ducks exploring.

The baby ducks were delightful, always together, always full of life. We would go out and walk around the pond just to see what the baby ducks were doing.

Brenda standing by the front door of our unit and standing by our rental car in front of the building. Our unit is directly above the car on the third level.

This is a back view of our building, the Hunter Colony in Fairfield at Tamarack. We enjoyed walking around the pond and watching t he ducks.

Brenda on the back balcony of our unit, which is second from the right end on the top floor.

The baby ducks were foraging in the grass, so Brenda could watch them from the balcony.

The area was a relaxing place to walk. Rod spent some time chasing a monarch butterfly, but never got very close. There were wildflowers in the meadow, including the goldenrod above.

Rod caught a glimpse of a wild turkey near the woods and we saw two deer in the meadow. The above yellow flower was the most common wildflower in the woody areas.

Rod used his laptop to work on some drawings for HyperPhysics and could then just get up and go out to walk around the pond or in the woods.

The pond was a pleasant focal point. We walked at all times of the days to see the ducks. We saw the sunrise most mornings, and were often out walking at this time of the morning.

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