Meeting in Madison

August 2-8, 2003

This year's meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers was in the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison, Wisconsin. It was a really nice location, two blocks from the Capitol, and our hotel was just across the street from the Capitol. We did a lot of walking around the downtown area and the University of Wisconsin campus. Madison is on an isthmus between two lakes, and you could walk to either lake from our hotel.

The Monona Terrace Convention Center is a Frank Lloyd Wright design, and the center has several photo essays about the famed architect. It fronts on Monona Lake.

These two pictures were taken in honor of John Baxley, whom we presumed to have used this blackboard when he was here in graduate school in the 60's. John had recommended that we visit the Van Vleck building which houses Mathematics on the University of Wisconsin campus. He told us that the 10th floor lounge was a great place to look out at the lake, and that you could probably just walk into the math lounge there. We did just walk in, and the view was indeed great. We talked with a student who was studying there and he said they took some pride in this being an open building while lots of the other new buildings were closed. So the tradition to which John alluded continues to this day.

We enjoyed visiting the gardens on the UW campus. We had bought passes on the Madison transit system, but then most of the time we either rode the free campus buses or walked.

We walked out on the peninsula into Lake Mendota from the UW campus. It was a well developed path and park called Picnic Point. Above is a view of downtown Madison from Picnic Point. At left Brenda is on the other side of the point, with that part of Lake Mendota behind her.

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