Christmas at the Moyles

December 25, 2003

Finally it was time for the opening of the presents under the traditional tree in the living room. We had been surprised at the patience of the children about the gifts. With the stockings having been given, they were quite content to play around until told it was time.

Bethany, Lindsey, Jordan and Ashleigh gathered by Judy's Christmas Village table to await the opening of gifts. In contrast to their excitement, baby Caleb slept peacefully. He'll be much more involved next year!

Jeff Moyle with Bethany, who is very excited about a Disney clock she had wanted for her room.

Their two grandmothers, Brenda and Judy, look on as Jordan andAshleigh show off some of their gifts.

Behind Jordan is Judy's Christmas village.

Along with the excitement, there were reflective moments like that at right above. Ashleigh and Jordan look somehow more mature than their years in that moment.

The two youngest members of the family had their own approach to the celebration. Caleb's was mostly to sleep through it. At left above, Lindsey is enjoying playing with one of the boxes a gift came i n.

Robby as the newest father with son Caleb.

Ashleigh gets a bright red Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer shirt - you could even see it glow! Then she added her pink scarf from under the tree.

Jordan and Bethany were fascinated with the furnishings of the Christmas village, a traditional part of Christmas at the Moyle house.

Robby holds Caleb, the newest grandchild of the Moyle clan. Caleb was very good, but mostly slept through the entire celebration - wait until next year.

Jeff and Darla brought Dave and Judy a new VCR to replace their ancient one. The process included Jeff's setting it up so that it would handle cable TV as well as VCR tapes. The new unit was promptly put to use with movies for the kids that afternoon.

After the giving of gifts, we had a fine dinner with the Moyle family. We felt very privileged to be a part of their Christmas celebration.

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