RAs to Stone Mountain

October 4, 2003

Javier Lopez and Jason Brice with pancake breakfast. We were ribbing Jason about the huge blueberry pancake he cooked for himself as the last pancake. But we appreciated his cooking, and conceded that as the cook's privilege.

Michael York and Johnny Huffman. Michael, as one of our newest RA Leaders, has gone along on the last two RA trips and has been a great help with the boys.

Kevin Lopez, Mitchell Brice and Andrew Brice with their pancakes. They were ready to go to Stone Mountain.

Kevin's story in Marietta Journal

We are at the foot of the trail up Stone Mountain, by the tracks for the Stone Mountain railway which circles the foot of the mountain.

There were lots of these yellow wildflowers along the trail. The visitor center at the top of the mountain has a nice photo display of the plants of Stone Mountain.

We pass a couple of bubble-gum posts and a bubble-gum rock on the way up the mountain.

Mitchell, Andrew and Kevin with Johnny near the half-way point of the hike up the mountain. We stopped here for a water break.

The boys were delighted to climb around in the caves formed by some big rocks on the side of the granit mountain.

Andrew by bubble-gum rock. Johnny was asking them "Do you see any fresh pieces that might still have some flavor in them?"

Andrew finds a forked stick like a slingshot, and he is off to slay Goliath. Outside activities are good for letting the boys' imaginations run free.

Javier, Michael and Johnny, Kevin, Andrew and Mitchell on top of the mountain. The skyline of Atlanta to the west is behind them.

After conquering the mountain, the group sits to view the lake and the cable cars coming up the mountain.

Watching the cable cars gave a nice view of the lake below. In the image above left you can see the Carillion out on a small peninsula into the lake.

Boys are easy to entertain outside because they can make a game out of anything. Kevin and Andrew were having races down the rock with round seeds they found on a small tree. It was a beautiful day to look around at the surrounding country and the lakes at the foot of the mountain.

On the way down we stopped again for games in the small caves.

Making our way down the mountain, we went to a picnic area at the base of the mountain for lunch.

Michael takes on the making of the gourmet peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches, a long tradition with RAs.

Brenda inducted into Hall of Honor

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