Ashleigh Starts to School


Ashleigh is ready for school. She will be in Aunt Diane's class at Pearl River. She rides to school with Mom, leaving about 6 AM. Below she has been greeted and fitted with a special hat at school.

A broken foot slows Ashleigh down a bit, and she gets a green cast. The xray is dated September 12.

A First Taste of Soccer

Jordan takes on the soccer ball in a soccer clinic held for the children.

Ashleigh also participates, even with a cast on her foot. With the cast, she gets to be goalkeeper.

Ashleigh enjoys having very pregnant Aunt Diane as teacher for a couple of weeks, and then a new cousin Caleb comes along.

A new xray on October 6 shows that the foot is mending nicely, but conservative medical practice dictates renewing the cast. She gets a pink one this time.

Shirley's Graduation

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