Thanksgiving in Pearl River

November 23-27, 2004

This Thanksgiving finds Jeff and Darla in a new house in Pearl River, Louisiana and Darla expecting their third child around the first of the year. Those circumstances led us to make the trip to Pearl River this year for Thanksgiving.

Darla with Ashleigh and Jordan in the front yard of their new house. They have been in the house just three weeks.

Though seven months pregnant, Darla is keen on working in the yard and putting out plants. Brenda and the girls help out.

Ashleigh with her gardening outfit. Both girls are very keen on planting and gardening.

Jordan helps with baking in the new kitchen.

Brenda lost track of Ashleigh and found her in her room reading. It was not an uncommon occurrence - Ashleigh loves to read.

Darla braids Jordan's hair for her role as an Indian maiden. These were their costumes for the Thanksgiving gathering at the Moyle's.

Brenda helps Ashleigh get dressed in her Thanksgiving outfit with white bonnet. The girls had enjoyed the Little House on the Prairie books and thought of themselves as dressing up like the frontier girls.

All the ladies made a trip to the Victorian Tea Room for a formal tea. Bethany, Jordan and Ashleigh pose by the sign.

Ashleigh clowns around with a decorative pumpkin at the Tea Room.

The gathering of ladies: Ashleigh, Jordan, Bethany, Leslie, Diane, Darla, Judy, Brenda.

Ashleigh at the fancy tea table.

After breakfast at Cracker Barrel we prepared to hit the road for Atlanta. One last picture of Jeff, Jordan, Ashleigh and Darla on the fireplace to celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving visit.

To Pearl River for Christmas

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