August 7, 2004

Though certainly not as large as the Sequoias we saw yesterday, these ponderosa pine trees are huge! Ashleigh gives perspective of the size of the tree, as her father had done 22 years ago here.

We caught the shuttle bus around to Currie Village to look around. I spent my time watching the white-collared squirrels that inhabit the valley.

We started walking along the Merced River and got this good view of North Dome, across the valley from Halfdome.

We were intrigued with how clearly you could see the moon hanging in the clear blue sky over the valley.

The white-collared squirrels were our frequent companions.

The refreshing clear stream cascaded over large rocks alongside our trail.

We were blessed with a beautiful day. In places the moon seemed large alongside the rock cliffs. In some places the greens of the trees seemed to glow in the clear air.

Jordan's agenda usually included throwing rocks into the stream.

Jeff packed in his laptop and proscope to try some microscopic pictures of rocks, bark, etc.

As we continued along the riverside trail, we sometimes had to yield to horses.

We encountered this resting elk along the trail. He was as nonchalant about our presence as the coyote had been this morning. Seeing people is no big deal for them.

More views of Yosemite

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