Knees In the Sand

Children's Camp, First Baptist Mableton, at St. George Island, Florida

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Returning from the trip to Wakulla Springs, we had ice cream and then headed for the beach in the late afternoon.

The surf was nice and the temperature not so hot in the late afternoon. The lower sun made the ocean more beautiful.
Marissa Mitchell could do spectacular back handsprings in the surf. The back handspring is part of her cheerleader repertoire.
The conditions were great for just casual play in the surf.
Watching Angel in the surf was pure inspiration. She seemed to enjoy everything so much.
Quentin Davis was another who seemed to find great joy in the wave play.

Three generations at children's camp.

Without them it wouldn't have happened. Russ did a great job of directing the camp and keeping the whole process planned and moving. Waymon drove, managed the luggage trailer and provided overall support in addition to keeping track of a cabin full of active pups. That left Madeline free to just enjoy the process.

Jaclyn Ashworth, Olivia Morris and Nala Anderson with a surf background. Hard to beat this as a photo opportunity - three lovely young ladies in the soft light of the late afternoon sun.
Tanner Rowan, Billy Chafin, Chael Brooks, Michael Haire (back), Connor Rich and Timothy Aldridge. These were the guys in Rod's Cabin 6 for the week. They were good friends, so hopefully that friendship will continue for a lifetime.
Some rare moments of relaxation for the counseling staff for a bunch of very active girls. Allyson Rich, Derinda Gilbert, Kelsey White, Kathy Mankin, Angel Hawkins, Ansley White. This is the beachfront at the public beach on the Gulf side of St. George Island.
It was hard to bring this pleasant beach time to an end, but we started losing our girls under the sand again. First Marissa, then Nala, then Jaclyn. I guess its time to move on to the campfire.
To the Campfire

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