Thanksgiving Season

November 17-26, 2006

Darla drove up from Pearl River with the girls arrived about 6 PM on Friday, November 17. We picked up Jeff at the airport that night as he flew in from a recruiting trip to Ohio.

We are always anxious to see the girls to see how much they have changed. As usual, Elyse as the youngest seemed to have changed the most. She had grown more hair and it had begun to curl. All the girls were noticeably taller.

Elyse clung to Darla for a few minutes, but soon relaxed and seemed to enjoy herself at the supper table. We certainly enjoyed seeing her. Lots of changes in the growing girl!
Elyse dives head first into the container of stuffed toys and drags them all out until she can find the one she wants to play with.
On Saturday Jordan and Ashleigh enjoyed raking up Marty's leaves into a big pile to jump in. This was Elyse's first experience with autumn leaves.
Jordan enjoys watching Elyse in the leaves. Elyse takes this process very seriously as she works to extract herself from the deep pile of leaves. Having that tongue out no doubt helps a lot.
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