Ladies Banquet

November 18, 2006

There were about 200 ladies present for the Ladies Banquet, benefit for the Women's Lighthouse Center. Each table was to choose a theme based on one of the holidays during the year. Brenda took on three tables with a lot of help from the participants.

The time of the banquet turned out to coincide with Marjorie Gay's 80th Birthday, so they set up that table as a birthday celebration.
Marjorie prepares to blow out the candles on her cake. At her table were Becky Young and their two daughters, Joyce McWaters, Sara Stipe and Nell Lee.
Bobbie Jackson and her daughters Ellizabeth and Kathy decorated one of the tables. At this table were Linda Fortson, Annie Harris, Darla Nave along with Brenda and Sherry.
The third table was set aside for individual decorations. At this table are Ethel Glore, Lib Gunter, Billie Feltman, Louise Brown, Christi Scarbro, Eve McCoy and Cherie Wall. Michael Scarbro was their waiter.
Brenda had to come up with waiters for her tables, so Jeff, Johnny Harris, Rod, and Marty Dye served. Michael Scarbro also served at the table where Christi was seated.
The waiters colllected tips which went to the Lighthouse Women's Center. At left is crazy Robert Childress's approach to it. Clark Boyles collects. Janet Vineyard is director of the Center and Sara Jane is the resident "housemother".
There were four tables of ladies from the Hispanic congregation. Thanks to Shirley Pattison for her tireless work in organizing the event. The room was packed out! At right, Shirley introduces the program.
They call themselves the "Ratpack", but it is remarkable that we have four ministers who can really sing! Russ Danser, Tim Childers, Brad O'Kelley and Mike Anderson sang romantic songs and the group of ladies really hammed in up in response.
This was Javier Lopez's first performance with the Ratpack. He did a latin rhythmn number with dance that was enjoyed by the group.
The crowd of ladies responded enthusiastically, whooping it up, raising candles, waving handkerchiefs ... everyone seemed to have a good time. We were pleased that we raised over $1000 in tips to go to the Women's Lighthouse Center.
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