Thanksgiving Fiesta

November 19, 2006

This year's Thanksgiving celebration at Mableton First Baptist was a special one as the Hispanic congregation offered to prepare the meal. We called it the Thanksgiving Fiesta. We anticipated a little over 200 people, but Grace said that they actually served 325. Everybody had a good time --- muchas gracias to the Iglesia Hispanica.

Tamales for Thanksgiving? Sure, if it is prepared by the Hispanic congregation! Fransicso Nava cooks up another Hispanic delicacy - and they had to keep cooking because of the big crowd that came.

Grace Lopez and a host of the members of the Hispanic congregation cooked and served the food. Lots of dear friends of the church like Joseph and Sai York came to be with us. Joseph is shown with Javier Lopez at right.

One of the great joys of the church's Thanksgiving meal is getting together people who don't see each other very often. Kevin Bartlett and Wendy were regularly part of the Saturday night Bible study and fellowship at our house when Jeff was in college at Kennesaw and they were all single. Now they get to introduce their children to each other - the Bartletts with two boys and Jeff and Darla with three girls.

Elyse gets introduced to Audrey Floyd Johnson, continuing the introduction of everyone's children.

It was good to get the whole family around the table for our fiesta meal. Elyse has fun trying to feed Darla. She opens her mouth like a little bird to model what she's trying to get Darla to do.

It looks like Grandma Brenda is having a good time with Elyse.

There was a good mixture of members from the Hispanic congregation with us as we celebrated Thanksgiving together.

While the adults were finishing with dinner, the children were delighted to play around in the vacant Sunday School rooms, playing hide and seek, etc. Elyse picked up single cushions from one room and carried them one by one to the other room and arranged them neatly in a stack. Who knows what a 22 month old is thinking? But she thoroughly enjoyed it.

Brenda and Jeff talk with Bobbie Jackson as Pastor Tim greets a Hispanic family in the background. The evening was a great time of fellowship and thanksgiving.

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