Pre-Thanksgiving Preparation and Play

November 20-22, 2006

Things begin to get into full swing in preparation for the family Thanksgiving celebration. There is baking to be done and Elyse is getting early cooking lessons from Darla. She seems to be really concentrating on it.

Ashleigh and Jordan take part in the cooking of biscuits.

Though it was cold on Tuesday the 21st, Jeff, Darla and the girls enjoyed playing chase around the back yard, using the play house as jail when they were caught. Elyse was delighted to slide down the top of the house for Darla to catch her.

Playing with Mom and Dad on the roof of the house was great fun for Elyse.

Looks like they have corraled all three girls on the roof of the playhouse.
We had great family fun in this mock battle with everybody wrestling with each other.
The kids seemed delighted with the play time. It continued until Grandma called to say that supper was ready.
Ashleigh and Jordan wanted to be on either side of Uncle Mark at the supper table. They looked forward to spending time with him.
We enjoyed seeing the development of Elyse's personality as she read to her bear in the evening. At right she is making short work of a banana for breakfast on November 22, earning her title of "little monkey".
Elyse enjoyed playing in the big pile of leaves that Ashleigh and Jordan had made in the front yard around the pumpkin and scarecrow that Brenda had set up there.
Brenda and Darla spent time with all three girls in the leaves with the pumpkin and scarecrow. A reminder of a similar time Thanksgiving 2003 shown below.
Elyse was really concentrating as she rode the tractor around the yard with Granddad while he was picking up leaves. Every time we would make the trip to the front yard she would call out "Hi, Grandma" to Brenda, who was doing some trimming.
Ashleigh, the princess of the leaves. She had worked hard to pile up a huge pile of oak leaves in the back yard.
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