Ice and the Grand Ole Opry House

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our Thursday agenda on the Nashville trip included a trip to the "Ice" exhibit after a leisurely morning. The temperature in the exhibit was said to be below zero, but it didn't quite feel that cold. But these ladies didn't sit here long - they were sitting on a solid ice bench. Sara Stipe, Sara Payne, Brenda Nave, Joyce McWaters, Anita Hardie, Elise Rowland, and Ruth Floyd.

They gave us parkas to wear at the entrance to the exhibit.

Many of the ice sculptures had intense colors, like these ice flowers.
One of the passageways was a full scale igloo of clear ice.

Max poses with a very cold Dolly Parton.

The igloos and walls were made of carefully cut and placed blocks of clear ice. There were a variety of polar bear ice sculptures.

It appeared that at least some of the ice animals were constructed from the same ice blocks from which the walls were built. It looked like the nice frosty bushes may have been formed by just spraying water on the bushes in the frozen location.

A surprisingly beautiful passageway was created from small branches woven together and spangled with many tiny lights. The limbs were white and frozen like they had sprayed them. It amounted to a frozen brush arbor.

We entered an ice castle with ice walls, ice soldiers, and colored ice turrets.
Passing the last soldier, we exited the ice castle through and ice tunnel to candyland.
In the frozen candyland. Don McWaters, Sara Payne, Joyce McWaters, Rod Nave, Sara Stipe.
Rod with the irrepressable Max Hardie, feigning a lick on the giant sundae. He didn't actually touch it - we had been joking all afternoon about whether your tongue would stick if you touched it to something. I wasn't about to touch anything with my tongue - I read too many Jack London novels about sled dogs.
Sara Payne, Brenda Nave and Sara Stipe visit with Santa Claus.
The last major area featured the Nativity scene in ice.
There were lots of ice animals around the Nativity scene.
The angel was the largest ice sculpture in this area, towering over the shepherds.
The wisemen were included off to the side of the Nativity.
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