Si Como No Resort.

September 1-4, 2006

This is the view from the balcony of our room at the Si Como No Resort. The rocks and rocky heads in the water are in the area of Manuel Antonio National Park. Our trip to Costa Rica had started with one night in San Jose and then we flew to Quepos and came to Se Como No for the weekend. This was a good staging area for going to the Carara Biological Preserve and for seeing the local Butterfly Botanical Garden.

The Si Como No resort was certainly unique. It was embedded into the jungle of the hillside overlooking Manuel Antonio. Every effort was made to preserve vegetation, and as a "green hotel", it exercised many natural conservation measures. We loved our breakfast buffets at this dining area overlooking the Pacific.

The reception area was built like a ship's prow. You entered on the road level, but the whole resort was on a steep slope in the jungle, so you could look down at the pool and on down to the Pacific Ocean. One of the staff members took this picture of us in the lobby area. The staff was fantastic, helping us make tour arrangements and just being super nice.

We loved having a dining area at the edge of the jungle. Someone we talked to had seen a capuchin monkey climb over the rail last week. In the evening we watched bats circle around in the edge of the jungle.

The decor had lots of stained glass with blues and greens. It was evident that the design and decoration had been someone's passion.

The entry door had metal sculpture in relief. There were lots of plants with the artwork and stained glass. You were never far from the jungle in all of this. The rooms were in small buildings scattered on the hillside, embedded in the vegetation.

Again at our favorite place for breakfast. When we weren't eating or in the room, we were out exploring.

Our balcony was a great place for coffiee, and the coffee was excellent! Costa Rican Britt coffee was supplied in our room, and it was some of the best coffee I've ever had.
We were about 2 miles from the first beach toward Manuel Antonio and there were some nice views of the sea along the way, so we decided to walk down there on Sunday afternoon.

I had caught a glimpse of this scene on our way back from our Manuel Antonio tour and wanted to have a closer look at it.

One of the landmarks along the was was "el Avion", a cargo plane turned into a bar. Everybody knew about it but there were strong opinions for and against its appropriateness for this setting.
Another reason for taking the walk was to have a closer look at some of the flowers along the way. The bouganvilla above right was very familiar, but the others were not.
I was impressed with this dramatic flower which I don't recall seeing before. Brenda was fussing at me for standing in the road to take a picture of it. We did have to be careful on the narrow road with no sidewalks.
The small yellow flower was an apparent wildflower, a kind of ground cover, which we saw several places in Costa Rica. The brilliant hibiscus is familiar, but nonetheless dramatic.
The first beach we reached is a public beach, Playa Espadilla, and was lined with vendors and souvenir shops. Nevertheless, it was a very nice beach. We stayed a short time and started our return walk since storm clouds were building. We managed to make it back before the rain. We had probably walked about eight miles for the day, so we took it easy the rest of the day.
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