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September 21-22, 2007

We look forward to seeing the deer when we go to Bent Tree, and this time we didn't have to wait long. This doe and her triplet fauns were grazing right at the entrance gate, causing a minor traffic jam at the gate.

The other two fauns were grazing about 10 feet from the roadway as the stream of traffic came in the gate.

This was mainly a work trip, but we took time for a couple of walks to look at the fall wildflowers. These yellow flowers are the main source of color along the roads.

The wildflowers are not as dramatic in the fall as in the spring, but they are still nice.

With the beginning of fall, it is hickory nut season and the nuts seem to be the favorite food of the squirrels. We hardly see squirrels up at this altitude of 2400 ft during the summer, but we are overrun with them in hickory nut season. At left below seems to be the remains of one meal on the rail of the deck, while below right looks like the dining room for a whole week in one corner of the deck. The entire deck was covered with hickory nut debris since there are three large hickory trees that overhang the deck.

We worked hard on the house for these two days, but we really enjoyed being in the mountains and the woods.

Yellow Swallowtail

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