Morgan's birthday gets the family together on January 7

Elyse makes friends with Lulu, the parakeet. January 9

We attended the AMC employee recognition banquet at the Aquarium on February 10.

Jeff and family come for a visit on February 18.

Rod was becoming more active in the Atlanta chapter of Reasons to Believe and had prepared a talk called "Windows of Creation" for the February 22 meeting. In July, Rod became president of Atlanta RTB when the previous president, Rob McKnight, moved to Colorado.

We ordained five new deacons for Mableton First Baptist on March 18.

The end of March brings lots of spring flowers.

We inaugurated the Josephy H. Hadley Award at the Sigma Pi Sigma induction ceremony at Georgia State University on March 29.

A trip to Bent Tree led to more photography of wildflowers on March 30.

The birds around home continue to be a joy to us.

On April 7 we got to meet the newest family member, Joshua Davis, and visit with Michael & Suzanne, Philippe and Mary Sue.

On Easter Sunday, Rod enjoys taking pictures of the children. April 8.

The RAs finally got some nice weather to go to Bent Tree on an outing April 14.

On April 15 we had a major missions night and recognition of the GAs and the preschool choir.

On May 10, Charles and Wanda came from California for a visit to work on recording the story of their missionary experience in South America. On Saturday, May 12, we joined Philippe and Mary Sue at the home of Suzanne and Michael. We visited with Mark and with Joe Wilson, and made a trip to Bent Tree during their stay.

On May 18, we headed out for Brownfield, Texas to visit Edgar. We made a visit to Carlsbad Caverns.

Our return on May 22 found Mark developing his shop and working on a pirate ship project.

Jeff and family arrived on May 27 for a much anticipated visit.

RAs and GAs did a combined trip to Bent Tree on June 2.

Vacation Bible School starting June 4 brings a high level of activity and creativity to our church.

Brenda and Rod celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary on June 22.

On July 7, we hosted a picnic for the Iglesia Hispana at Bent Tree.

In July, Rod was installed as President of the Atlanta Reasons to Believe chapter.

Rod finishes up another session of Conceptual Physics on July 23.

Mark and his crew intalled the Pirate Ship project at the Omni Hotel on July 21-23.

We headed out for Hiwassee for the Ga Tech BSU Alumni gathering on July 23.

On July 27 we headed out for Pearl River to stay with the girls for Jeff and Darla to have an anniversary weekend.

The march of the red-tailed bugs. August 5.

We launched a work party to Clay Willis' church on August 25.

August 26 brought a celebration of Brenda's birthday.

On Labor Day weekend we made two trips to Bent Tree.

September 8 brought another RA Breakfast and trip to Bent Tree with the boys.

On September 18 I spent time photographing a black swallowtail butterfly, and then along came a hummingbird hawkmoth!

Back to Bent Tree for September 21-22.

On September 23 a yellow swallowtail butterfly tolerated my presence at the Lantana bush.

On September 29 we traveled to Loganville for the wedding of Melody Stargel.

In the evening of September 29 we dropped by the 3rd Anniversary celebration of the Hispanic congregation.

On September 30 we had the Children of the World choir in our evening worship service and brought four of the girls plus one of the chaperones to our house.

On October 6 we had breakfast and an RA trip up Stone Mountain.

We had what we called a "singing social" for our Sunday School class at the Baker's on the evening of October 6.

We attended the Georgia Baptist College of Nursing Alumni Day on October 19.

Driving to Newport, Arkansas, we participated in the 50th year reunion of Rod's high school graduating class of 1957.

We headed out for North Georgia on October 26 for a weekend in the mountains. We came back by Sherry's for a "pumpkin party".

Light the Night was Mableton First Baptist's gift to the community on October 31

Wild turkeys at Bent Tree, November 4.

RA overnight at Bent Tree, November 9-10.

Some family happenings in the fall.

Jeff and Family arrived late on November 17 for their Thanksgiving visit. On Sunday the 19th we left for a couple of days in Nashville, and then returned home for Thanksgiving day.

We traveled to Pearl River on December 21. We went to Jeff's for Christmas morning and then celebrated Christmas day at the Moyles. On Friday December 28 we celebrated Elyse's 3rd birthday.

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