Ga Tech BSU Alumni Gathering in Hiwassee

July 23-24, 2007

About 70 persons gathered at the Lake Chatuge Lodge (now a Ramada Inn) for this year's fellowship of those whose lives were touched by the Baptist Student Union at Georgia Tech during the years of Warren Woolf's leadership. July 23-24, 2007.
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The beam of sunlight on the lake made it look like nature was smiling on this gathering of old friends. Brenda Nave, Laddie and Becky Rollins, Nancy Baxley as we gather for dinner on Monday, July 23.

John Baxley, Billy Nowell, Rogers Redding

Anne and David Whisnant, Elaine and Dick Whisnant

It was great to see Georg Boyens and his wife Beth. I hadn't seen Georg since he left Tech to return to Many, Louisiana. Joining them is Andrew Blake

Henry and Betty Fields, Carol and Aubrey Bush, Nancy Bonds.

It was great to see Joe and Janice Lynch. Joe was another whom I hadn't seen since he left Tech.

R.B. Coulter, Mary Tanner, Jane and Ray Shirley.

Linda and Ron Jones, R.B. Coulter, Jane and Ray Shirley.

Mary Tanner, Anne and David Whisnant, Elaine and Dick Whisnant, Jim Tanner

Duncan Sinclair with Sue and Warren Woolf.

Frank Gudger brought greetings to the group and gave us our basic instructions. Thanks to Frank and Babs for much of the work of arranging this occasion.

Jan and Bobby Boal, Linda and Ron Jones

Our dinner was in a dining room with a view of the relaxing lake and mountains behind. Here are a few folks that I didn't capture in other shots along with Sue. Top row Sue Woolf, Walt McKinney, Babs Gudger, Georg Boyens.

Ray Shirley and Duncan Sinclair catch up on the happenings of several decades. We had a gathering room at the hotel for our activities after the dinner.

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