Georgia Tech BSU Gathering

Lake Chatuge Lodge, Hiwassee

May 13-15, 2005

This is the Sunday morning group of the Georgia Tech BSU gathering in the Lake Chatuge Lodge at Hiwassee, Georgia, May 15. Our previous gathering in 2000 was such a joy, we had looked forward to another. We were certainly not disappointed, as it was an extraordinarily joyous occasion.

We gathered in the green mountains around Hiwassee on Friday afternoon and began the celebration with a buffet dinner - there must have been close to a hundred people present.

After dinner we started trying to get together a picture of the Tech men with Warren and Sue, joking that Sue was the only woman allowed in this picture. It took a while since everybody was enjoying talking to friends they had not seen in years. In this segment we have Richard Whisnant, Will Henderson, Jack Aycock, Bill Delk, Sue and Warren Woolf, and Mike Wallace.

Picking up a different segment of this group, we have Sue and Warren, Mike Wallace, and Harry Espy on the front row. Second row L-R: Bob Brown, Eddie Hooper, Bill Nowell, Frank Gudger, John Lowe and Gary Watson. Further back we only get a good view of

Bill Delk, Sue and Warren Woolf, Mike Wallace,and Carl Hughes.

Picking up a few more faces in this mobile group, we have Richard Whisnant, Will Henderson, Jack Aycock, Bill Delk, Sue and Warren Woolf on the front. Behind L-R are Henry Fields, R. B. Coulter, Leland Strange, John Baxley, Laddie Rollins, Bob Brown, Eddie Hooper, Bill Nowell and John Lowe. In the back right corner is Ron Jones.

On front, Warren, Mike Wallace, Harry Espy. Faces you can see behind are L-R Jim Tanner, Eddie Hooper, Bill Nowell, John Lowe, Gary Watson, Clayton Teague, Ron Jones.

This has my vote for the picture that best shows the spontaneous joy that characterized this evening of celebration together. We were trying to round up the ladies for a picture with Warren as counterpoint to the pictures of Sue with the guys above. Faces you can see L-R are Warren, Nancy Baxley, ,Babs Gudger, Jane Carter, , Betty Fields, Sandy Hooper, Betty Hammonds, Brenda Henderson.

This is the left end of the group of ladies when we got them settle down for a picture with Warren. Front row: Nancy Bonds, Babs Gudger, Shaw, Warren, Delk, Valjean Aycock. Betty Hammonds is just behind the front row. Faces you can see in back L-R: , Jane Carter, Judy Bonds, ,,Nancy Baxley, Betty Fields, Sandy Hooper, ,,Suzanne Lowe, .

This beautiful group of ladies surely outshined the guys above.

We had a lot of travelers to this gathering. Betty Hammonds in front is from the Atlanta area, but Sandy Hooper came from Witchita, Kansas, Brenda Henderson from Knoxville, TN, Suzanne Lowe from Austin, TX and Valjean Aycock from ?.

This is the right side of the ladies group with Valjean Aycock, , and Jane Strange seated. Standing L-R are Suzanne Lowe, , Brenda Nave, Linda Jones, Ellen Teague, Mary Tanner, Carol McKinney,

Other than the gathering for picture taking, everybody was in small groups around the area, catching up on what was happening with old friends. Rod Nave, Bill Nowell and Clayton Teague.

Even when we finally broke up from the banquet room, everyone was in groups talking. Ellen Teague, Brenda Nave, Jane Strange and Linda Jones are on their way out of the banquet area. But the conversations went on till past midnight back at the lodge.

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