The celebration of Morgan's birthday on January 8 gave us the opportunity to visit with Suzanne and Michael and with Philippe and Mary Sue.

Jordan with Elyse in January.

We took the RAs to Bent Tree for an overnight for fellowship and hiking, January 14-15.

Shirley came down for a visit January 14-17 and we went to the orchid display at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. They also had some neat specimens of poison frogs.

We had an ice storm on January 29-30, which is always an unusual experience for us.

We enjoyed a visit from Jeff and family on February 5-8.

Being far away from the grandchildren, we enjoy the pictures that Jeff and Darla send us.

We were represented by Paco and Kevin at the Associational RA Racer derby on March 5.

On April 2, we had an RA family event at Sweetwater Park.

On April 29-30, we had an RA outing to Bent Tree.

Celebrating Mother's Day .

On the weekend May 13-16, we had a large and wonderful gathering of Georgia Tech BSU alumni. One of our activities was a tour of the rhododendrum garden.

On May 27 we headed for Pearl River to visit with Jeff and family. We enjoyed a day outside on Saturday, but then the rains set in. On Sunday at church there was a baby dedication for Elyse. On Tuesday we explored with Ashleigh and Jordan, and spent the whole day in Pearl River on Thursday.

For the June RA outing, we went fishing at Bent Tree on June 4.

Jeff and Darla keep us up on happenings with they and the girls in Pearl River.

Starting June 13, Rod again taught the Conceptual Physics class and enjoyed the group of launching science teachers who came to t hat class.

We keep track by email, and enjoy pictures from Pearl River of the summer activities.

At a Physics and Astronomy picnic, the students presented Rod with the "Carl R. Nave Award" from the Society of Physics Students.

On Sunday, July 24, we got together for a birthday celebration for Rod and Denise.

The next day after Rod finished his summer class, we took off to Nashville for the Merlot Conference. July 26-29. The next day we had a relaxing trip to the Opryland Hotel.

We left on July 30 to go to Salt Lake City, planning to stay a week just outside it in Park City, Utah. On Aug 1 we drove up into the mountains to Mirror Lake. On Tuesday Aug 2 we launched out to drive to the Tetons for an overnight stay. The next morning we drove around Teton National Park and got magnificent views of the mountains from a float trip on the Snake River. Returning to Park City, we made a trip up Bald Mountain on August 4 and then proceeded to Salt Lake City on August 5 for Rod's AAPT meeting. On August 8 we made a trip up to Antelope Island and enjoyed seeing the bison herd and taking a dip in the Great Salt Lake.

On August 28, Jeff and family headed our way to evacuate from approaching hurricane Katrina. The hurricane caused disastrous flooding on the NOBTS campus.

After the storm, Rod and Jeff with Jay Victory made the trip to Pearl River on September 2 to check on things. We worked to secure the Moyle house from further damage. We met Tom Ringo and a Marine contingent at the Slidell Airport , visited the relief effort at Grace Memorial Baptist Church, helped with a bit of tree cutting, and visited the storm-ravaged NorthShore Church.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, Brenda and Darla took care of the family and hosted other members of the Moyle family for a time.

Jeff and Rod returned from Pearl River on September 7 and we enjoyed life with our storm refugees for the next week. On September 20, Rod returned to Pearl River to help a little with cleanup and retrieve the VW van. On Sept 21 we went into Slidell to try to help a little there.

On September 28 we left for Nashvillle to meet Jeff and family there for three days.

On October 2 we drove from Nashville to Newport, Arkansas for a visit with family and some time at Fairfield Bay. On October 5 we traveled to Fayetteville and got to meet Bryan Lassiter's wife Mary for the first time. On October 6 we went exploring around the area of the Lassiter's cabin. In the evening we had a celebration of Shirley's birthday, and on Saturday October 8 we returned to Newport for a visit with the Lassiters, including a ride in Brent's airplane for Rod. We had a memorable visit with Junior Burlison, a man who was a great inspiration for me.

Life in Pearl River in October, though far from normal, is moving along with family activities and lots of tree cutting for Jeff.

Brenda was one of the workers in the "Light the Night" festival at First Baptist Mableton on October 31 and I went along to take pictures.

We went to Bent Tree for our RA outing for the month of November on Saturday, November 5.

We planned our Fall RA campout for the following week, November 11-12, but only one boy showed up.

Jeff and family drove up from Louisiana for Thanksgiving week.

Since the NOBTS graduation was held in Birmingham this December 17, we had the opportunity to drive over to stay with the girls while Jeff and Darla attended some of the festivities.

We headed for Pearl River, Louisiana on December 23 to be with Jeff and family for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Composite image to recap 2005.

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