Memorial Day Visit with Jeff and Family

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Elyse is Jeff's companion for his morning coffee and newspaper read.

Elyse content with Darla, seeming to enjoy the morning.

Meanwhile, Ashleigh and Jordan were out in the back yard, exploring. Ashleigh caught a bright green lizard and they played with it in a cardboard box for a couple of hours. They carefully watched over it so it wouldn't get away.

Elyse enjoys being outside on the patio with Grandma Brenda. She gets excited about watching Ashleigh and Jordan playing in the yard.

Elyse is very patient about being handed around - Granddad Rod gets his turn.

Jeff and Darla have put out a lot of plants and worked hard on the yard.

We put out a play tent for Elyse and Jordan has crawled in to play with her.

Elyse at play left compared to Ashleigh above at about the same age in 1998.

We had supper on the patio with Ashleigh and Jordan at their small table. They often have breakfast and supper on the patio.

It was a good family time outside on this surprisingly mild afternoon.

After supper is game time in the back yard. Ashleigh runs for base in their game of hide-and-seek-whack, with Jeff in hot pursuit with the foam "whacker". Below Ashleigh is "it" and heads out to whack someone.

Ashleigh chases Mom toward the base. After this game they played soccer tag and dodge ball.
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