Frogs at Atlanta Botanical Garden

January 16, 2005

On our visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden our main goal was to see the orchids, but along the way we came across these dramatically colored "poison dart" frogs. It was comforting that they were behind glass.

The frog exhibit was a real surprise to me. They were housed in two glass cases at the entrance to the tropical area, and their environment simulated a steamy tropical jungle.

It was hard to believe that this frog was real. It looked like a shiny plastic frog with a crazy spray-paint job. But it moved! And there was no spray-paint.

Note that although the colors are roughly the same, the patterns are distinctly different.

This many portraits of a frog??! Well, this was a prince of a frog, and our credulity was still strained! You had to see it move to believe it was real.

It took a second trip to find this fellow. He is not as bright as the others, and was very well camoflaged into his environment.

This frog had a different appearance than the red frogs below with his distinctive black markings. They may be the same species, but if so there is individuality in markings.

This completes the variety of frogs we saw. This one didn't move much, and I never got a full body view of it. The leaf it is on is like a magnolia leaf. The frogs were all about the same size, about 5 cm long with the green and black one slightly larger.

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