Memorial Day Visit with Jeff and Family

Tuesday May 31, 2005

Oh, well! So much for the illusion of a calm and well-disciplined visit with Grandma and Grandad! We took Ashleigh and Jordan over to spend the night with us at the condo where we were staying in Mandeville. We watched movies and played and had a good time.

We headed out on Tuesday morning to explore Tammany Trace and Fontainebleu State Park. Jordan is shown below left with some black-eyed susans at a visitor center near the Tammany Trace trail.

Jordan and Granddad enjoyed exploring the flower garden.

Grandma Brenda and Ashleigh returned from getting information about the trail, so we were ready for further exploration.

An old railroad signal with a mockingbird's nest in it was our entry sign onto Tammany Trace, a trail built on an old railroad bed.

It had been pouring rain for two days, so everything was lush and green and the flowers still had drops of rain clinging to them.

One of the abundant lizards that Jordan found to chase.

There was plenty along the trail to catch the interest of two active girls.

We went from the Tammany Trace over to Fontainebleu State Park, where Rod was fascinated by this large white egret. Maybe commonplace to the residents of the area, but they always seem elegant and extraordinary to us.

I first found the snowy egret feeding in a marshy area. He wasn't greatly alarmed by my presence, but finally I got close enough that he took flight.

Watching his smooth flight across the marsh was a delight.

Walking on around the marshy area and pond, I encountered the egret again and watched him stalk and catch a small fish. He seemed quite proud of himself.

We explored the park between showers and let Ashleigh and Jordan play at the beach on Lake Pontchartrain for a bit before heading back to Pearl River. Elyse was delighted to see them and laughed and squealed as they danced and performed for her.

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