Pictures from Pearl River

Being far away from the grandchildren, we enjoy the pictures sent to us by Jeff and Darla.

Elyse on January 21, 2005. At three weeks, she is wide awake and aware. Quite a bit of change since we last saw her at three days old.

We enjoyed this happy wide awake picture of Elyse, sent on February 23.

Above:Ashleigh and Jordan ready for school on March 2. At right, Ashleigh, Jordan and Elyse on March 13.

Jeff sent us this Easter picture of Ashleigh and Jordan by the fireplace and the one of Elyse in the chair. March 27.

Elyse is thriving, and apparently so is the pecan tree that they had thought was dead. April 23.

Sometimes the girls are just too inquisitive and exploratory! This from a May 4 email from Jeff "I was doing yard work this evening when Ashleigh and Jordan called out from across the yard that they had found a spider. I started toward them while scolding them that they should not touch any spiders without letting Mommy or Daddy look at them first. When I got to them Ashleigh sheepishly told me that she had already put the spider in her bug box."

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