RA Overnight at Bent Tree

January 14-15, 2005

We took the RA group to Bent Tree for a cold-weather overnight, camping in the basement at the house.

Front row LR:Alex, Paco Nava, Michael Callihan, Chase, James. Back row: Javier Lopez, Tyler Ayres, Johnny Huffman, Francisco Nava. This is the group on the hike on Saturday morning up at the top of Big Stump Mountain overlooking Lake Tamarack.

We headed out from the church at about 6:20 pm and reached the Bent Tree house just before 8 PM. The boys brought their sleeping bags into the basement and immediately headed for the ping pong table.

Brenda had gone up earlier and she and Sherry had made chili and hotdogs for supper. Once we had set the tables we called the boys upstairs.

Hotdog supper. Clockwise from left: Paco, Michael, Chase, Alex, Tyler, James. The four men ate at a smaller table.

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