Georgia Tech BSU Gathering

Lake Chatuge Lodge, Hiwassee

May 14, 2005

Saturday gave the luxury of time to just sit around and talk. The Friday night activities had kept some of us up late, and we enjoyed discussions around a leisurely breakfast. Then we were free for all kinds of groupings for further fellowship. L-R John Baxley, R.B. Coulter, Ron Jones, Bill Nowell, Clayton Teague, John Lowe, Leland Strange.

This conversation ranged widely over politics and world affairs to faith issues - we didn't have the feeling that any topic was off limits, or that our friendship was at stake if we disagreed. It's a very stimulating group.

Other conversations were going on in the kitchen area of our meeting room. Jim Greene, Warren and Sue Woolf, Brenda Nave.

Knowing this group, I'm sure there was some golf going on, but some of us opted for a tour of the spectacular rhododendron garden.

Jane Carter drove up from Gainesville to join us, shown here with Warren and Leland.

Bill Nowell, Will and Brenda Henderson, Clayton and Ellen Teague

Sam Shelton drove up for the day and is in coversation with John and Nancy Baxley. R. B. Coulter and in the foreground.

Sam Shelton with John and Nancy Baxley left, and with John Lowe right.

The meeting room of the Lodge provided a very relaxed place for renewing old friendships and catching up with family happenings. Judy Bonds, Betty Fields and Gayle Shaw above, Henry Fields and Tommy Bonds left.

Suppertime came and went and we were still at it out on the deck. Ellen Teague, Frank Gudger, Rod Nave, Bobby Evans, Sam Shelton.

Inside by the fireplace was another good gathering place. Judy Bonds, Carl and Gayle Shaw,

Having gotten so many old friends together, we make a list to keep in touch with each other. Henry Fields, , Rod Nave, Sue and Warren Woolf.

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