Ga Tech BSU Alumni Gathering in Hiwassee

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The fellowship that had begun with yesterday's dinner continued through the day on Tueday.

The new day was much cooler than Atlanta and cloudy with some rain showers. Jan Boal went with us to breakfast at the Shoney's down the hill. We had seen the Boals a couple of times at their Kaleidoscope shop, but it was good to visit and catch up again.

We got to visit a bit with Ron and Linda Jones before they had to take off back to Raleigh.

We sat around the breakfast area in the lodge for over an hour, just having conversation.

The sun broke through and gave some nice vistas over the lake behind the lodge.

We got a many folks as we could together for a group photo after breakfast.

Back: Carl Hughes, Walt McKinney, Gil Gibson, Joe and Janice Lynch, Henry and Betty Fields, Andrew and Alice Blake. Front: Sandra and Jerry Jarrell, Brenda Nave, Wynelle and Charlie Middlebrooks.

Back: Duncan Sinclair, and, Bill Nowell, R.B. Coulter, Dick and Elaine Whisnant, John Baxley, Don and Betty Hammonds, Jan Boal, Jo and Gene Allison. Front: Wynelle and Charlie Middlebrooks, Babs Gudger, Warren and Sue Woolf, Frank Gudger.

Back: Dick and Elaine Whisnant, John Baxley, Don and Betty Hammonds, Jan Boal, Jo and Gene Allison, Curtis and Pat Martin, and, Jim Tanner. Front: Warren and Sue Woolf, Frank Gudger.

Wendell and Bettie Barfield, Babs and Frank Gudger by the fireplace.

Alice Blake with Sue and Warren Woolf, R.B. Coulter, Bill Nowell and Curtis Marting in background.

Brenda Nave, Jo Allison, Jim Tanner, Gene Allison, Jan Boal.

Curtis Martin, Janice and Joe Lynch, Rod Nave.

Andrew and Alice Blake with Sue Woolf.

Tuesday Evening Gathering

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