Morgan's Birthday 2007 Gets the Family Together

January 7, 2007

We drove to Roswell to the recreation center where Suzanne's family is active, and where they were having Morgan's 4th birthday party.
Morgan enjoyed being dressed up as a princess. Mom is expecting the third child very soon.
Big brother Ethan seemed to be proud to be a part of the celebration.
There were refreshments and gifts and a program in the recreation center - and Princess Morgan was at the center of it. When she reviews her family history, she will certainly know that her family was interested in her activities - look at those three cameras going below. And of course there was my camera on the other side.
Morgan and her family certainly seemed to enjoy the process.
We then went to their house for another party and a round of gifts from grandparents and other family. Brenda got involved in handing gifts to Morgan and sharing in her excitement.
Michael and Ethan watch as Morgan tears into a large present.
Mindful of all the attention Morgan is getting, Michael spends a little time with Ethan on something mechanical.
We enjoyed all the festivities and it was an opportunity to get to be with Morgan's grandparents Philippe and Mary Sue.
Elyse and Lulu

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