Bent Tree Picnic With Hispanic Congregation

July 7, 2007

We had a pancake breakfast at Mableton First Baptist to kick off the trip to Bent Tree for a picnic.

John Huffman and Francisco Nava manned the grill to cook pancakes and sausage for about 70 persons!

We left for Bent Tree with a total of 12 vehicles, and our best count indicated about 75 persons participating at the pavilion and beach at Lake Tamarack. Javier and Guillermo help prepare the large grill, and others used four other small grills.

Guillermo plays with one of the beautiful ninas while some of the others get the grills going.

A good time to visit and relax by the lake.
The guys get a futbol game going on the beach.
The ladies are busy preparing foods for lunch. Ana and Grace prepare meat for the grill.
This grilling operation should make any chef proud.
Rod becomes President of RTB Atlanta Chapter

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