RA Trip to Bent Tree

September 8, 2007

We had our pancake breakfast at the church and headed out for Bent Tree. On the road downhill toward the beach, we watched this doe up on a bank above the road. We were hoping the boys would get to see some deer, and we didn't have to wait long.

We took Steven Hawkins, Grayson Bartlett and Fallah McLean on this trip. This was the first trip to Bent Tree for both Grayson and Fallah. They head for the edge of the water when we reach the beach, and are greeted by some ducks.

We found that the beach area had been occupied by about 30 turkey buzzards who had been nesting in the trees across the lake. Grayson calls for quiet so they can get a closer look.

We got close enough to confirm that they were indeed buzzards, and that they were about as big as turkeys. They weren't all that skittish, but finally they all took flight to the trees across the lake where a flock of probably more than 30 birds is roosting.

Fallah was very keen on fishing, but like most boys the first time, he wasn't too keen on holding the worm and putting it on the hook.

Steven and Grayson explore the beach, and then we move toward fishing. Steven tries his hand at casting from one of the fishing docks.

Fallah casts into a peaceful Lake Tamarack.

Grayson was accompanied by Grandpa Richard Peal on this outing.

Johnny in his usual role as fishing coach on the dock. Meanwhile the Canada geese were bobbing for breakfast off the beach area.

The yellow swallowtail butterflies tend to gather on the beach this time of year. I have seen more than a dozen gathered in a circle on the sand. One of the butterfly books said that these gatherings were to get certain minerals from the sand.

The boys enjoyed playing in the lake by the beach. It was shallower and warmer than I can remember, and made a good water playground. A flock of probably 30 Canada geese took advantage of the shallow water and were dabbling to the shallow bottom just a few feet away from where the boys were playing.

To the other side of the lake.

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