Hummingbird Hawkmoth

September 18, 2007

I heard a humming sound and presumed it to be a bee coming in, but it turned out to be larger than a bee and had the appearance of a miniature hummingbird. It hovered with great agility and probed into the flower with its long proboscis. Even the form of the tail was tucked like a hummingbird, but the antennae gave it away as a moth. You can see that its wings are transparent, and I read descriptions of a "transparent-winged hummingbird hawkmoth".

The moth was quite impressive in its ability to hover and bob from side to side.

This shows the moth's proboscis in its curled position as it approaches a flower. You can also see the tucked tail. The hummingbird's tail has almost the same geometry, as does the tail of a crayfish. I have often thought that at a certain angle, hummingbirds resemble flying crayfish. You can see the hummingbirds twist this tail for stability while hovering.

Face-on, the hawkmoth has a kind of fierce visage.

This amazing creature could hover precisely and poke into the tiny flower opening.

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