Christmas at the Moyles

December 25, 2007

Gathered on the couch at the Moyles, anticipating the opening of gifts. Bethany Moyle, Jordan Nave, Ashleigh Nave, Elyse Nave, Caleb Wells, Lindsey Moyle.

On the fireplace hearth, Ashleigh Nave, Bethany Moyle, Jordan Nave, Lindsey Moyle, Caleb Wells, Elyse Nave.

These are the three youngest, Lindsey, Caleb and Elyse.

With this many young ones, you'd expect chaos, but the kids were amazingly patient through brunch until the time for gift opening.

The two grandmothers, Brenda and Judy.

Ashleigh, Bethany and Jordan. You can see how fast they are growing up.

Elyse, Bethany and Ashleigh in full swing with gift opening.

Jordan and Elyse.

Caleb watches as Jordan opens a gift. Robby and Caleb.

Elyse with bottle for realistic baby doll.

Elyse helps Paps open his gifts.

Lindsey inspects the gifts that Judy and Dave are opening. Robby and Caleb in background.

More Christmas day activities

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