More Christmas Day Activities

December 25, 2007

The Christmas table for the kids at lunchtime. Jordan Nave, Lindsey Moyle, Bethany Moyle, Ashleigh Nave, Caleb Wells, Elyse Nave.

With a crowd in the kitchen, we experience the joy of the Christmas family gathering at the Moyles.

Bethany, Jessica, Ashleigh and Elyse. Debbie had arrived with Jessica and Jonathan, so all eight of the Moyle grandchildren were now present.

Darla, Jonathan and Debbie as we begin to settle down for the midday meal.

The weather was beautiful and clear, so Ashleigh got Granddad Rod out in the front yard to practice with her new football. It was neat to see the tall lush green pines standing against the blue sky after the devastation from Katrina that we saw in this area.

We have finally collected everyone after dinner to open the family stockings from the fireplace. Jonathan, Bethany, Jessica and Ashleigh wait for stocking delivery by Elyse.

Elyse shows her gifts to Paps and Grammy Moyle.

Jeff and Elyse show off a gift.

Jordan tries out some of her magic tricks on Cousin Bethany.
To Elyse's birthday celebration

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