Light the Night

October 31, 2007

Taylor Lowry and Somer Gilbert with one of the "trunk or treat" locations at Mableton First Baptist as we stage this years "Light the Night" for the community on Halloween night. Somer hams it up - she enjoyed her bat costume.

Our youth department did a great job with their "trunk or treat" decorated vehicles. They really engaged this year and did the bulk of the work with this part of the celebration.

It was great to see families having fun with their children. Here the Halls provide a wild west theme basketball shoot.

The kids seemed happy with the "trunk or treat" sites and we had a neat celebration of the diversity of our community.

A neat photo spot with a harvest theme was set up inside the Fellowship Hall. Sara Miller and Ridgway.

Two huge inflated playstations were set up in the playground area and had lines of eager participants all evening. Lacey Lee Hall and Steven Hawkins show how it is done.

Wild turkeys at Bent Tree

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