Miette Hot Springs

July 28 , 2008

We left Mt. Edith Cavell with the intention of driving to the Miette Hot Springs north of Jasper. As we approached Jasper, we found this large cow elk just grazing peacefully beside the highway.

We headed out north of Jasper toward the Springs. The drive northward from Jasper is just fabulous with all the rocky mountain ridges, the glowing green forest, and the bluish rivers flowing along the road.

Just north of Jasper we saw this beautiful white tailed deer grazing in the high grass along the road. The high rocky mountains stood over us all the way.

About 15-20 miles north of Jasper we took the road eastward toward the Miette springs. It was another 10-15 miles of very curvy but beautiful mountain road. We stopped briefly at the Kettle Falls shown above left. Otherwise we just enjoyed the unspoiled forest and mountain scenery.

We stopped at a high overlook to see the stream far below, and from the other side of the overlook we could see the road below us that we were to travel. In the view second from left you can see a view of a row of high, narrow rock ridges. Every curve in this winding road gave a new view of the beautiful forest and the mountains.

There was a big crowd at the hot springs, another favorite location. We went into the very nice 104F hot pools and enjoyed watching the families with their children there. Rod samples a hot spring outside the complex, which was even hotter than the pool.

This is what the three pools look like, plus there are some smaller jacuzzi size pools. This is someone else's posted photograph. I was a bit reticent to take a camera into the springs.

One of the remarkable features that we could see from Miette Hot Springs was this row of four high rock mountains that looked like they had just been cleaved down the center, leaving bare rock cliffs.

Then we got to make one last drive down the beautiful road leading into Jasper.

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