Visit to Bent Tree

August 20, 2009

On Thursday we took a drive up to our cabin at Bent Tree. Bobby, Brenda and Suzanne are on the front deck on this pleasant day.

Not long after we arrived, a young buck deer walked by close to the house and lay down with two others, another spike buck and a spotted fawn.

After visiting at the house for a while, we decided to drive down to the Golf Proshop to have lunch. On the way we encountered this fine buck, just grazing in one of the yards beside the road.

Rod walked back up the road from the Club to get a closer look, and the buck was not in the least alarmed.

We had a nice lunch at the 19th Hole and drove on toward the lake. Alongside the toad were two young bucks and a doe. Usually we see mostly does.

We drove on around and across the spillway and had a look at the lake. The sun was at our backs, but big storm clouds were building over the lake.

We saw another doe on a bank on the way to the lake. The lake was pleasant and there were some ducks swimming around.

We wanted them to see the waterfall and pool before the rain started, and that involved going down a steep stairway to view the creek and waterfall. Suzanne takes a picture of the pool and waterfall.

Bob explores the waterfall, and the pool below it was very inviting. But he resisted the temptation to take the dive.

We enjoyed the waterfall and pool, but we started hearing raindrops on the leaf canopy above us. Rod ran for the car while the rest waited under the trees, and about the time we all got in the car, the bottom fell out. We drove across the dam in the deluge, and got a very rainy view of the lake from the dam. We usually make a group picture on the dam, but we decided to forego that picture today!

We encountered two more young bucks on our way toward the Bent Tree gate, out in the pouring rain. Bobby made the sacrifice of getting wet to take this picture. We had seen seven bucks and only four does today, which is extraordinary. We usually see mostly does, and I have seen as many as thirty does without seeing a single buck - so this was buck day!

We headed back toward Atlanta and had a relaxed final evening and a nice breakfast the next morning before Suzanne and Bobby had to head back toward Arkansas. We enjoyed the vist, and basically talked non-stop about family and church and everything under the sun. It was a rare treat to get this much time to visit.

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