Labor Day Trip to Nashville

September 5-7, 2009

We again joined Anne Newton and her group from First Baptist Cartersville for a trip to Nashville, this time for the Labor Day gospel celebration. We always enjoy the beautiful gardens of the Opryland Hotel.

Nashville, Memorial Day 2008

The concerts were held in one of the ballrooms of the Convention Center of the hotel.

This is part of our group in the auditorium for one of the concerts. Georgia Drummond, Brenda Nave, Dot Brett, Jean Fife, Martha Ariail, Anne Newton. Anne had registered just after the event last year, so we had excellent seats - on the second row. We joked that the only persons who had better seats than us was the grandmother and great-grandmother of Jacob Kitsen, the youngest member of the Greater Vision group members. They were on the front row right in front of us.

Greater Vision

Gerald Wolfe, Rodney Griffin, Jacob Kitson

Gerald is the founder and emcee and sings the lead. Rodney is their songwriter and sings baritone, and Jacob is the tenor. At 25, Jacob is the youngest and newest member of the group.

Legacy Five

Frank Seamans, Scott Fowler, Scott Howard, Glenn Dustin. Their pianist is Tim Parton.

The Booth Brothers

Michael Booth, Ronnie Booth, and Jim Brady

On Sunday evening the groups recorded a session called Jubilee with all three groups participating. Here we have Michael Booth (BB), Frank Seamans (LF), Jacob Kitson (GV), Gerald Wolfe (GV),Ronnie Booth (BB), Scott Fowler (LF), Scott Howard (LF), Rodney Griffin (GV), Jim Brady (BB), and Glenn Dustin (LF).

Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision is acting as emcee. Behind him are Scott Fowler (LF), Michael Booth (BB), Jacob Kitson (GV), Ronnie Booth (BB), Rodney Griffin (GV), Jim Brady (BB), Scott Howard (LF), and Glenn Dustin (LF). Frank Seamans (LF) is hidden from view.

Tim Parton is the pianist for Legacy Five and was the pianist for the Jubillee.

It was an enjoyable evening with great music, and also just a great spirit of fun. The members of the three groups were joking and carrying on with each other, so everything was lighthearted. At this point, they had persuaded Gerald Wolfe to join Tim Parton on the piano and they played a great duet.

On Monday morning, most of the group gathered for breakfast at the restaurant on the lower level of the Delta area where we could see the canal and fountains. We had had the buffet breakfast in one of the large ballrooms on Sunday morning, but on Monday we were on our own for breakfast.

Above: Dot Frasier, Thelma Kimmons and Brenda Nave approach the nice buffet breakfast.

From left clockwise: Lynne Jones, Catherine Abee, Brenda Nave, Anne Newton.

From left clockwise: Martha Ariail, Jack Devlin, Betty Devlin, Georgia Drummond.

Nearest table: Betty Devlin, Jach Devlin with back to camera, Georgia Drummond, Martha Ariail.

Table behind to right:Catherine Abee, Brenda Nave, Anne Newton, Lynne Jones from left clockwise.

Table behind to left: Dot Frasier, Thelma Kimmons.

Brenda Nave, Anne Newton, Lynne Jones, Catherine Abee.

Above left with luggage Joyce Walsh, Dot Frasier, Thelma Kimmons, Anne Newton.

Above right: Georgia Drummond, Jack Devlin, Martha Ariail, Dot Frazier, Jean Fife.

Gene and Nancy Smith

Our traveling group ready to get back on the bus for the trip home. L-R: Joyce Walsh, Anne Newton, Dot Frasier, Catherine Abee, Lynne Jones, Thelma Kimmons, Jean Fife,Dot Brett, Martha Ariail, Jack and Betty Devlin, Nancy Smith, Georgia Drummond, Gene Smith.

Many thanks to Jim Walsh for the driving and the luggage handling, and getting us there and back comfortably and safely.

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