Memorial Day Trip to Nashville

May 24-25 , 2008

We joined our long-time friend Anne Newton a nd her group from Cartersville First Baptist for a trip to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville for the Memorial Day gospel music celebration with Legacy Five, Greater Vision and other musicians.

We love the acres of enclosed gardens at Opryland and always enjoy being there.

Above: Brenda Nave, Anne Newton, Thelma Kimmons, Verna Ruth Roberson, Lynne Jones.

The gardens and waterfalls are always an inspiring a peaceful place.

A group of us got together for dinner at one of the nice restaurants in the garden. Clockwise: Lynne Jones, Anne Newton, Martha Ariaial, Rachel Mullinax (hidden), Thelma Kimmons, Verna Ruth Roberson, Dot Brett, Catherine Abee, Brenda Nave.

They always have some nice orchids, and we thought this yellow orchid was particularly spectacular.

This was most of our group in the auditorium for one of the concerts. Front row Jack and Betty Devlin, Second row: Lynne Jones, Anne Newton, Verna Ruth Roberson, Thelma Kimmons, Dot Brett, Catherine Abee, Martha Arial, Rachel Mullinax.

Above, part of our group: Dot Brett, Catherine Abee, Martha Ariail, Rachel Mullinax, Joyce and Jim Walsh.

During one of the concerts, the Legacy Five group brought their families onstage to introduce them. We enjoyed the more personal touch in these concerts.

This is our group as we prepare to board the bus for our trip home. L-R: Verna Ruth Roberson, Joyce Walsh, Lynne Jones, Rachel Mullinax, Brenda Nave, Martha Ariail, Thelma Kimmons, Betty Devlin, Jack Devlin, Catherine Abee, Dot Brett, Anne Newton, Jim Walsh.

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