Bent Tree Trip

June 7 , 2008

Our monthly breakfast and activity for the RAs this month attracted 22 persons. Angel Suarez and Francisco Nava helped Johnny and Rod with breakfast preparation. We set out for Bent Tree with five vehicles.

The younger ones enjoyed playing in the lake and exploring along the shore.

This gave Rod and excuse to get in the lake since he was nervous about having 13 kids in the lake without a lifegaurd. Javier obliges the younger boys by tossing them in the water. Marta above is helpful in watching out for the young girls.

It was a beautiful day at Lake Tamarack and Kevin Lopez enjoyed taking pictures of everything. They enjoyed the swimming, but we didn't have any trouble getting them out of the lake when lunchtime was called.

With Angel and Francisco on the grill, we had some fine hamburgers. A much better lunch than our usual peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches.

With Mom up at the house with the women, big sister Chris pitches in to patch up Paco as Dad looks on.

Grace had left early to bring the women up for a prayer retreat at the house and now they are coming down the steps to come join us at the beach.

Because of the big church van and the steep narrow driveway, they had parked at the bottom of the driveway. Even Senora Margarita had managed to get up and then down the driveway and the stairs.

We all gathered at the pavilion at the beach for watermelon and a final time of fellowship before heading back to Mableton.

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