Conceptual Physics 2008

June 9-July 21 , 2008

Rod taught the Conceptual Physics course again at Georgia State University and as usual enjoyed the students who came to that class.

Seated in front are Matt Sharp and Robby Bennett. In the back L-R are Melanie Snow, Diane Smyser, Suzanne Stokes, Shanna Van Tassell, Jane Gilbert, Heather Bellini, Patricia Dunac, Shameka Williams, Robin Simmons, Helen Riley, Kenneth Sims, Malaika Jordan, Josh Crist, Lacy Anderson and Ryan Sweeney. June 25.

Maybe it looks more natural with a couple of rabbit ears thrown in.

Patricia Dunac is dunking a long balloon in liquid nitrogen. Rod is videoing and Shameka Williams, Heather Bellini, Robin Simmons, and Josh Crist look on. Robby Bennett is at right.

Robby tries his hand at getting the liquid nitrogen to completely collapse the balloon.

Diane Smyser demonstrates the bending of a bimetallic strip one way in the cold liquid nitrogen and the other way when it is places over the flame of a bunsen burner. Remarkably, when placed over the flame, you can see frost forming on the cold metal right above the flame as it condenses out the water produced by the combustion.

Malaika Jordan, Ryan Sweeney and Jane Gilbert freeze rubber bands that snap into pieces if you grab them immediately upon bringing them out of the liquid nitrogen.

Diane demonstrates the geyser effect you get when you drop a tube into the cold liquid nitrogen.

Ryan Sweeney, Malaika Jordan, Jane Gilbert and Heather Bellini pour liquid nitrogen into a film can and cap it so that it blows the top off.

Using a piece of foam to drip liquid nitrogen on the table gives droplets that glide across the table on a cushion of nitrogen gas. They are like miniature hovercraft.

Rod fires a liquid nitrogen cannon formed by filling a Fuji film can with liquid nitrogen. Quickly placed in the plastic tube upside down after filling, the explosion sends the can to the back of the room if he is lucky. A surprisingly long plume of vapor comes out.

Shanna Van Tassel freezes a rose in liquid nitrogen and Patricia Dunac is standing by to smash it while frozen. Robby freezes another flower.

Suzanne Stokes and Melanie Snow demonstrate some creative balloon art.

Melanie Snow takes on the challenge of putting her hand on the van de Graaf generator at maybe 100,000 volts.

Robby Bennett is always game!

Off to Edmonton, Alberta

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