Maligne Canyon

July 25, 2009

After breakfast we headed up the Maligne Lake Road and stopped at Maligne Canyon. Ashleigh with a background of the steep canyon near where the stream runs into it.

Jordan at another viewpoint where you can see the rushing water in the canyon. The waterfall shown at left is deep in the canyon.

The view at left gives some perspective about the depth of the canyon. The bridge you can see at the top and the two people on it help to set the scale. Below you can see that the stream comes tumbling into the gorge over big rocks and then becomes increasingly violent as the gorge narrows.

At places you could look far below you and see the violence of these turbulent pools.

After we had followed the trail along the gorge rim steeply downward for some distance, the gorge opened up to a canyon and the flow of the water smoothed again and looked like it did before it entered the gorge.

Maligne Lake Road

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